STAR Componet Index


Stock Code Allocation Table

Stock Code Ranges To be allocated for new listing of
600000 - 603999 A Stocks listed on the Main Board
688000 - 688999 Stocks listed on the STAR Board
689000 - 689999 CDRs listed on the STAR Board
900000 - 900999 B Stocks listed on the Main Board

Market Data Services

Established in Hong Kong in 1994, China Investment Information Services Limited (CIIS) is the sole exclusive authorized operation organization to manage the market data of Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE). CIIS is in charge of the operation and redistribution of real time market data of SSE in oversea markets, by providing both SSE Level-1 FAST and Level-2 market data to Information Vendors (IVs) and end users. For more information, please visit our website: https://www.ciis.com.hk.