Mission and Vision

To enhance the capability to serve technology innovation, to promote the high-quality development of China's economy

To support the construction of Shanghai International Financial Center and Innovation Center of Science and Technology, to promote the joint development of the two centers

To promote the market-oriented reform of the capital market, to improve the multi-tiered capital market, and to accumulate experience for the construction of the capital market infrastructure

Basic Principles And General Ideas

Give the major role to market forces and to strengthen market constraint

To respect the laws of the market, to clarify and stabilize market expectations, and to establish a new issuance system where the market plays the dominant role.

Adhere to the rule of law and to rule the market according to law

To improve the legal system of the capital market, to strengthen comprehensive and strict supervision according to law, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, to further clarify the rights and obligations of the market participants, and to gradually form a market environment in which all market participants perform their duties according to law and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

Strengthen the supervision of information disclosure and to let all market participants take obligations

To establish and improve the stock issuance and listing system centered on information disclosure, to strengthen the issuers’ fiduciary duty and legal obligations for information disclosure, to give full play to review from intermediary institutions, and to help investors improve risk awareness and rational investment.

Emphasize coordination and hold on to the bottom line

To develop synergy between relevant government departments and relevant parties, to form a joint force to promote stable and healthy development of the market, and to prevent and resolve market risks in a timely manner.

Positioning and Targeted Industries


To serve the frontier in the global science and technology sectors, to serve the major battlefield of the economy, and to serve the major needs of the country;
To serve enterprises of science and technology innovation that serve the national strategy, have breakthroughs in core technologies and enjoy wide recognition from the market.

Targeted Industries

The SSE STAR market mainly supports high-tech industries and strategic emerging industries such as

  • New Generation IT
  • High-end Equipment
  • New Materials
  • New Energy
  • Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection
  • Biomedicine

It promotes the deep integration of

  • Internet
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Manufacturing

It encourages medium and high-end consumption, and drives reforms on quality, efficiency and power. The specific industries will be published by Shanghai Stock Exchange and updated in due course.

Overall Characteristics of the SSE STAR market

The Offering Review and
Registration System

Diversified Listing Standards

Market-oriented Offering

Differentiated Trading

More Targeted
Continuous Supervision

Strengthened Delisting

Timeline of the Project


The first batch of 25 companies was listed on the SSE STAR Market.


The first 2 companies successfully registered at the CSRC.


The SSE STAR Market was officially launched.


The first listing committee review meeting was held and 3 companies got review.


The SSE officially began to accept applications for offering and listing of issuers.


The CSRC and the SSE released key rules and guidelines on SSE STAR market.


The plan and guidelines for the STAR Market were approved by the central committee for deepening overall reform.


The Sci-Tech Innovation Board (SSE STAR Market) was announced by President Xi during the China International Import Expo.