Brief Introduction

Haohai is a high-tech biomedical enterprise focus on the research and development, manufacturing and sales of biomedical materials. We strategically target the fast-growing therapeutic areas in the biomedical material market in China, including ophthalmology, medical aesthetics and wound care, orthopedics, anti-adhesion and homostasis.

Haohai focused on investment and mergers and acquisitions opportunities in the global ophthalmic industry and further expanded its ophthalmic business to the field of myopia prevention and control and refractive correction. In addition, the Group also focused on the industrial layout in the field of medical aesthetics, aiming to integrate domestic industrial resources and introduce international advanced innovative technologies and products through various approaches such as R&D, investment, mergers and acquisitions, and cooperation.

In the field of cataract treatment, the Group's R&D projects on various types of IOL are progressing in an orderly manner. Among them, the Group's self-developed casting molded hydrophobic aspheric IOL product has formally commenced clinical trials since September 2020. The clinical trials of the product have started patient enrollment, and the clinical trial period is expected to be approximately two to three years. This casting molded hydrophobic aspheric IOL product adopts innovative production process, which manufactures IOL products from raw material to finished products by injection molding, thus obtaining more accurate optical performance and significant reduction of production costs. The product obtained the European Union CE certificate in January 2021, and can be sold in the member countries of the European Union and related overseas markets.

In the field of myopia prevention, the clinical trials of the Group's new orthokeratology products under development are now progressing in an orderly manner. In addition, the Group is in the process of upgrading the only domestically produced PRL for refractive correction, with the second generation of this product entered the registration process, which will maintain physical aqueous humor circulation and provide a wider range of vision correction.

In the field of ocular surface therapy, the Group's independently developed eye drop, moxifloxacin hydrochloride, was approved by the NMPA in March 2021, and became the first domestic equivalent product, who completed the application and registration for generic drugs.

In the field of fundus therapy, the Group's world-leading R&D projects such as linear cross-linked sodium hyaluronate gel and new artificial vitreous continue to advance steadily. Among them, the product "linear crosslinked sodium hyaluronate gel", which is used to seal retinal cleft and treat rhegmatogenous retinal detachment, has started clinical trials since July 2020.

In the field of medical aesthetics, the Group's third-generation HA Dermal Filler product "Hyalumatrix" with linear particle free characteristics was registered with the NMPA in March 2020 and was launched in August 2020. The Group's domestically-pioneered new generation of organic cross-linked sodium hyaluronate gel product has started clinical trials since November 2020.

In the future, the Group will continue to focus on four fast-growing therapeutic areas, including the existing ophthalmology, medical aesthetics, orthopedics and anti-adhesion and hemostasis, and always aims to continuously improve the quality of life of Chinese people and promote the rehabilitation of patients, by taking differentiated development as its corporate strategy.

Company Overview

Full name Shanghai Haohai Biological Technology Co.,Ltd
Abbreviations /
Code 06826.HK/688366.SH
Founded 2007.01.24
Listing 2015.04.30/2019.10.30
Domicile No.5 Dongjing Road, Songjiang Industrial Zone, Shanghai, China
STAR Theme Biomedicine
CSRC Sector Pharmaceutical manufacturing
Has weighted voting rights structure? No



  2020 2019 2018
Earnings Per Share 1.30 2.27 2.59
R&D expenditure as a % of operating revenue 9.49% 7.24% 6.12%
Operating Revenue 1332.24 1604.33 1588.45
Net Income 226.34 376.38 455.08

Income Statement (Unit: RMB mn)

  2020 2019 2018
Operating Revenue 1332.24 1604.33 1588.45
Operating Costs 1140.87 1236.47 1117.80
Operating Income 259.01 435.38 526.54
Pretax Income 257.02 434.35 525.18
Income Tax 30.7 58.0 70.1
Net Income 226.34 376.38 455.08

Balance Sheet(Unit: RMB mn)

  2020 2019 2018
Current Assets-Total 3809.96 3945.38 2,292.56
Non-current Assets-Total 2448.75 2206.49 2,143.8
Total Assets 6298.71 6151.87 4,436.35
Current Liabilities-Total 433.76 359.97 451.32
Non-current Liabilities-Total 130.70 138.55 149.59
Total Liabilities 564.46 498.52 600.91
Stockholder's Equity
Share Capital 177.21 177.84 160.05
Retained Profits 5341.81 5276.94 3451.47
Non-controlling Interests 243.49 198.57 223.94
Total Owners' Equity 5734.24 5653.35 3835.45

Cash Flow Statement (Unit: RMB mn)

  2020 2019 2018
Net Cash Flows-Operating 262.07 348.91 391.29
Net Cash Flows-Investing 316.92 -1135.74 -794.64
Net Cash Flows-Financing -190.06 1392.55 -85.33

Top 10 Shareholders

Name No. of Shares Held (mn) % of Shares Held
Jiang Wei 44.449 25.08%
You Jie 28.8 16.25%
Lou Guoliang 9.5 5.36%
Shanghai Zhanze Corporate Management Partnership Enterprise (Limited Partnership) 6.471 3.65%
Hou Yongtai 6 3.39%
Wu Jianying 6 3.39%
Changxing Tonghao Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) 2.999 1.69%
Peng Jinhua 2.91 1.64%
Tao Weidong 2 1.13%
Huang Ming 2 1.13%
As of 2021-03-28

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