Brief Introduction

Suzhou mincore Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 688286) was founded in September, 2007. It was founded by Dr. Ligang, who won the first technology leader in Suzhou Industrial Park. The company is headquartered in Suzhou Industrial Park, and is one of the first semiconductor chip design companies established in China with MEMS sensor R & D and sales as the main body. In August, 2020, the company successfully listed on the science and Technology Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange. At present, the company has 2 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 2 holding subsidiaries, and is the practitioner of domestic MEMS industry chain research and development and the localization of the whole industrial chain.

Since the company was founded, we attach great importance to the R & D of products and have a high-quality technology research and development team; At the same time, as a high-tech enterprise, the company has applied for and applied for dozens of invention patents and utility model patents, and has successively undertaken higher-level government projects such as national, provincial and municipal level, including the National 863 plan, Jiangsu achievements transformation project and Suzhou science and technology plan project. The company has built China's MEMS supply chain from "zero". After years of technology accumulation and R & D investment, the company has the independent R & D capability of the whole industry chain, such as chip design, wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing. With the fully self-designed MEMS chip and ASIC chip, the company successfully broke the pattern of core MEMS chip monopolized by foreign semiconductor manufacturers for a long time, and explored a complete path for the localization of the whole MEMS industry chain.

The company's main product lines include MEMS acoustic sensors, MEMS pressure sensors and MEMS inertial sensors. Relying on the independent R & D and design capabilities of MEMS sensor products, the company rapidly enters the market to realize rapid growth of revenue and profit. According to the data statistics of IHS Markit, the company ranked sixth, fifth and fourth in the world in terms of MEMS acoustic sensor shipments in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

The company's products are mainly used in the field of consumer electronics such as smart phones, tablet computers, laptops, wearable devices and smart home, and also gradually expand their applications in the fields of automobile and medical treatment. At present, the terminal brand customers of the company's products include baozhihua, voice transmission, millet, Samsung, oppo, vivo, Lenovo, Sony, LG, etc. With the maturity and popularization of 5g technology, the new era of Internet of things +5g intelligent sensor will promote the next round of rapid growth of MEMS sensor market.

The company has successively won the "top 10 Chinese MEMS design companies in 2013", the award of IC design achievement in 2016 and 2017, and the top ten semiconductor MEMS enterprises in China in 2016, 2018 and 2020 by China Semiconductor Industry Association. In 2015, the company was also selected as "EE times silicon 60:2015 startups to watch" issued by EE times, a well-known electronic products journal. The newly developed bone conduction sensor-msb102s won the "best sensor of the year award of China IC Design Achievement Award in 2021", and was incorporated into the top 10 Sensor Companies in China's 100 IC Design rankings.

Company Overview

Full name Memsensing Microsystems(Suzhou, China)Co.,Ltd.
Abbreviations Memsensing
Code 688286
Founded 2007-09-25
Listing 2020-08-10
Domicile Suzhou, China
STAR Theme New Generation IT
CSRC Sector Information transmission, software and IT
Has weighted voting rights structure? No



  2020 2019 2018
Earnings Per Share 0.94 1.53 1.48
R&D expenditure as a % of operating revenue 12.74% 12.56% 10.84%
Operating Revenue 330.07 284.03 252.71
Net Income 42.64 60.52 54.12

Income Statement (Unit: RMB mn)

  2020 2019 2018
Operating Revenue 330.07 284.03 252.71
Operating Costs 212.95 174.34 141.43
Operating Income 42.77 55.40 58.73
Pretax Income 42.46 57.29 57.78
Income Tax -0.18 -3.24 3.67
Net Income 42.64 60.52 54.12

Balance Sheet(Unit: RMB mn)

  2020 2019 2018
Current Assets-Total 969.55 279.30 145.65
Non-current Assets-Total 154.22 60.18 22.12
Total Assets 1,123.76 339.49 167.77
Current Liabilities-Total 51.05 50.79 29.89
Non-current Liabilities-Total 5.77 1.08 0.94
Total Liabilities 56.82 51.88 30.83
Stockholder's Equity
Share Capital 905.14 169.80 75.23
Retained Profits 1,202.07 115.36 60.89
Minority interests 4.81 2.45 0.81
Total Owners' Equity 1,066.94 287.61 136.94

Cash Flow Statement (Unit: RMB mn)

  2020 2019 2018
Net Cash Flows-Operating 18.41 42.56 47.31
Net Cash Flows-Investing -211.31 -34.39 -9.77
Net Cash Flows-Financing 730.26 83.20 2.78

Top 10 Shareholders

Name No. of Shares Held (mn) % of Shares Held
Li Gang 10.75 20.2%
China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Ventures Co. Ltd. 4.83 9.08%
shanghai Walden Venture Capital Enterprise 4.82 9.06%
苏州昶众企业管理咨询中心(有限合伙) 1.85 3.48%
西藏凯风进取创业投 资有限公司 1.68 3.16%
Mei Jia Xin 1.66 3.12%
Hu Wei 1.57 2.96%
南京中益仁投资有限 公司-日照市益敏股 权投资基金合伙企业 (有限合伙) 1.53 2.88%
顾青 1.45 2.73%
苏州工业园区创业投 资引导基金管理中心 1.24 2.34%

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