Brief Introduction

Over the past fifteen years, Beijing TINAVI Medical Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “TINAVI”) has focused on the orthopedic field. Subject to the spirit of original research, TINAVI integrates the consciousness of innovation with design, R & D and manufacturing, and is dedicated to facilitating the development of accurate and intelligent orthopedic medicine.

TiRobot Orthopedic Robotic System, a core product of TINAVI, is capable to perform fracture surgeries on whole spine segment, pelvis and limbs, and may orient surgical instruments or implants with the assistance of robotic arm while used in combination with mobile X-ray diagnostic equipment (C-shaped X-ray machine). TiRobot is compatible to 2D and 3D modes, and features with entry points and intelligent algorithm for the calculation of trajectory. TiRobot makes traditional surgeries intelligent and complicated surgeries minimally invasive and accurate, and shows remarkable clinical advantages; and the realization of intelligent orthopedic surgery is promising in the future.

With priority given to the orthopedic robotic system, TINAVI has maintained the proportion of R & D investment over 30% for many years, which results in its leading technology. In this regard, TINAVI succeeded in developing the orthopedic surgery robot with proprietary intellectual property rights in China, and the performance indicator reached the level of international predicate products.

As a pioneer of Chinese medical robotics, TINAVI has obtained over 80 patents, and launched more than 20 key research projects at national, provincial and ministerial levels. Nowadays, it possesses the post-doctoral research station, and is the supporting institution of National & Local Joint Engineering Research Center of Medical Robots, the member of National Robotics Standardization General Group, the vice president unit of the Medical Robot Branch of Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering (CSBME), the deputy director unit of the Beijing Intelligent Robot Industry Alliance and the director unit of the Zhongguancun Medical Device Industry Alliance.

By the end of 2019, TINAVI had employed 282 employees, among which there were 102 R & D personnel with proportion of 36.17%. As for the R & D Center subordinate to TINAVI, the R & D team has over 40 employees with doctoral degree or master degree, and has principal members coming from renowned universities both at home and abroad, scientific research institutes, famous hospitals and medical device manufacturers.

July 7, 2020 witnessed the successful listing of TINAVI in the STAR MARKET, which ushers in a new stage. It is not only the demand of the era, but also the mission of TINAVI to manufacture first-class products and become an internationally leading enterprise. On the strength of the capital market, TINAVI will continue its R & D and popularization of intelligent orthopedic surgical techniques, so as to energize doctors, benefit patients, achieve the autonomous and controllable high-end medical devices, and back up the healthy China strategy. Only in this way can TINAVI become an internationally leading enterprise of medical robotics, and fulfill its mission in the great era.

Company Overview

Full name Tinavi Medical Technologies Co.,Ltd.
Abbreviations Tinavi
Code 688277
Founded 2010/10/22
Listing 2020/07/07
Domicile Beijing
STAR Theme High-end Equipment
CSRCSector Manufacturing
Has weighted voting rights structure? No



  2019 2018 2017
Earnings Per Share -0.08 -0.00 0.07
R&D expenditure as a % of operating revenue 33.55% 32.74% 30.42%
Operating Revenue 229.56 126.72 73.29
Net Income -34.17 -3.66 21.28

Income Statement (Unit: RMB mn)

  2019 2018 2017
Operating Revenue 229.56 126.72 73.29
Operating Costs 34.56 30.26 24.03
Operating Income -39.47 -8.09 12.65
Pretax Income -42.84 -7.99 15.72
Income Tax -8.68 -4.33 -5.56
Net Income -34.17 -3.66 21.28

Balance Sheet(Unit: RMB mn)

  2019 2018 2017
Current Assets-Total 527.64 547.72 571.23
Non-current Assets-Total 185.96 114.93 51.43
Total Assets 713.60 662.65 622.66
Current Liabilities-Total 96.31 94.12 433.66
Non-current Liabilities-Total 20.95 7.93 19.59
Total Liabilities 117.26 102.05 453.25
Stockholder's Equity
Share Capital 376.54 188.27 158.15
Retained Profits -69.14 -38.92 -38.07
Total Owners' Equity 596.34 560.61 169.41

Cash Flow Statement (Unit: RMB mn)

  2019 2018 2017
Net Cash Flows-Operating 20.53 13.15 5.73
Net Cash Flows-Investing -147.08 -217.63 23.02
Net Cash Flows-Financing -2.47 8.76 411.30

Top 10 Shareholders

Name No. of Shares Held (mn) % of Shares Held
张送根 75.66 20.09%
北京智汇合创投资合伙企业(有限合伙) 33.05 8.78%
先进制造产业投资基金(有限合伙) 25.52 6.78%
京津冀产业协同发展投资基金(有限合伙) 25.52 6.78%
北京润信鼎泰投资中心(有限合伙) 21.26 5.64%
吴旗 12.51 3.32%
北京同创共享创业投资中心(有限合伙) 12.00 3.19%
蒋文军 11.76 3.12%
萍乡市玖兆月辰投资管理合伙企业(有限合伙) 10.92 2.90%
智汇德创(天津)科技中心(有限合伙) 9.20 2.44%

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