Brief Introduction

Espressif Systems is a public multinational, fabless semiconductor company established in 2008, with more than 300 staff globally in 2019. Our headquarter is located in Shanghai and we have offices in Greater China (Suzhou, Wuxi, Hefei), India (Pune) and the Czech Republic.

We have a diverse team of engineers and scientists from all over the world, who are now focused on developing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chipsets, MCUs and low-power AI-IoT solutions, operating systems and solution frameworks.

Our vision is to create a technology platform where engineers can effortlessly build green connected smart devices to solve the pressing problems that humanity faces today.

We are committed to offering AI-IoT solutions that are secure, robust and power-efficient. Our mission is to enable developers globally to use Espressif's technology through open sourcing our technology to build connected, smart devices.

Our values are Passion, Integrity, Commitment, Openness, Cooperation and Pioneering. Providing the best technology and services to our customers are our first priority; we take pride in helping our customers build their own IoT solutions. We are dedicated to enabling our partners reduce development time and deliver great products with optimized wireless connectivity. Espressif chips, modules and development boards are widely deployed in such products as tablets, cameras and IoT gadgets.

Espressif believes in the democratization of technology; as a technology platform for the Internet of Things, we empower anyone who has the dream or desire to build technology. To this end, Espressif has created the popular ESP8266 and ESP32 series of chips, modules and development boards. By leveraging wireless technology and advances in computing technology, we provide green, versatile and cost-effective chipsets.

Espressif was among the first in the industry to combine IOT with AI in 2015 with the launch of ESP32, which integrates a dual core. With a powerful 240 MHz dual core processor with 8 megabytes of fast memory, ESP32 supports applications such as wake's word triggers, speech recognition and face recognition. Espressif's AI solutions are open sourced on Github.

We have worked with the best talents in the world, through our open source ESP-IDF operating system and solution frameworks to develop a leading edge framework for IOT applications development, reducing the time to market and improving the reliability of the systems with tested and proven solutions.

On, a measure of Github repositories' popularity, Espressif ranks #59 in the world and #5 in China for C-ranking. Our open source solutions on Github cover a diverse set of solutions, ranging from embedded operating systems, security frameworks, mesh Wi-Fi protocols, AI enabled speech recognition modules to AI enable face recognition solutions.


Company Overview

Full name Espressif Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Abbreviations Espressif Systems
Code 688018
Founded April 29, 2008
Listing July 22, 2019
Domicile Shanghai
STAR Theme New Generation IT
CSRCSector Information transmission, software and IT
Has weighted voting rights structure? No



  2018 2017 2016
Earnings Per Share 1.56 2.16 0.03
R&D expenditure as a % of operating revenue 15.77% 18.16% 24.64%
Operating Revenue 474.92 272.01 122.94
Net Income 93.88 29.37 0.45

Income Statement (Unit: RMB mn)

  2018 2017 2016
Operating Revenue 474.92 272.01 122.94
Operating Costs 234.32 133.80 59.68
Operating Income 104.92 35.73 0.49
Pretax Income 106.59 35.70 1.16
Income Tax 12.71 6.33 0.71
Net Income 93.88 29.37 0.45

Balance Sheet(Unit: RMB mn)

  2018 2017 2016
Current Assets-Total 353.23 225.43 138.26
Non-current Assets-Total 24.25 20.68 17.69
Total Assets 377.48 246.11 155.95
Current Liabilities-Total 47.03 26.48 28.19
Non-current Liabilities-Total 19.21 9.86 6.56
Total Liabilities 66.24 36.34 34.75
Stockholder's Equity
Share Capital 160.36 146.84 82.96
Retained Profits 150.88 62.93 38.24
Total Owners' Equity 311.24 209.77 121.20

Cash Flow Statement (Unit: RMB mn)

  2018 2017 2016
Net Cash Flows-Operating 72.86 -9.24 16.40
Net Cash Flows-Investing 32.07 -29.94 -13.06
Net Cash Flows-Financing - 32.41 43.65

Top 10 Shareholders

Name No. of Shares Held (mn) % of Shares Held
Espressif (Hong Kong) Investment Limited 34.86 43.58%
亚东北辰投资管理有限公司 5.69 7.12%
Shinvest Holding Ltd. 4.80 6.00%
Beijing Singularity Power Investment Fund (Limited Partnership) 3.12 3.90%
Jingyang Wang 2.70 3.38%
Intel Capital Corporation 1.92 2.40%
Tianjin Gold Mi Investment Partners (Limited Partnership) 1.50 1.88%
宁波梅山保税港区乐鲀投资管理合伙企业(有限合伙) 1.20 1.50%
Qingdao SAIF Haohai Venture Capital Investment Center (Limited Partnership) 0.96 1.20%
Qingdao Haier SAIF Intelligent Familily Venture Capital Investment Center (Limited Partnership) 0.90 1.13%
Midea Innovation Investment Co., Ltd. 0.90 1.13%

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