Awarding Ceremony Held for SSE STAR Market’s Members

13 Dec 2019

On December 12, the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) held an awarding ceremony for the SSE STAR Market’s members. The commendation was given to the SSE STAR Market’s members who contributed to the listing of companies, trading management, investor education and technology readiness, with the award winners including 13 outstanding members for the listing of companies, 10 outstanding members for trading management, 10 outstanding members for investor education, and 10 outstanding members for technology readiness.

As a "test field" that supports the industrial transformation and upgrading in China and boosts the in-depth integration of the capital market and the technologically innovative enterprises, the SSE STAR Market shoulders the mission of the times and the important task of reform. The first batch of companies were listed on July 22, 2019, marking the official implementation of the major reform of launching the SSE STAR Market and piloting the registration-based IPO system. Since the opening of the SSE STAR Market, the market has been running smoothly on the whole. By December 12, 65 companies had been listed on the SSE STAR Market, recording a total of RMB 1.2 trillion in turnover. The above-mentioned achievements are inseparable from the active participation and strong support of the members.

SSE officials expressed that SSE hopes the commended members will cherish the honor, make persistent efforts, identify the positioning of the SSE STAR Market, effectively implement the registration-based IPO system centered on information disclosure, perform the responsibility for continuous supervision, strive to improve the quality of the companies listed on the SSE STAR Market, and integrate the improvement of the investors’ legitimate rights and interests in all business processes.

Going forward, the SSE will continue to earnestly implement the major decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council. Under the leadership of the CSRC, the SSE will work with all members and market participants to further advance the reform in launching the SSE STAR Market and piloting the registration-based IPO system, and make effective contributions to comprehensively strengthening the reform of the capital market, building a standardized, transparent, open, dynamic and resilient capital market, better serving the innovation-driven development strategy, and promoting the high-quality economic development.

Attachment: the List of Outstanding Members on SSE STAR Market