Company Snapshot Available on SSE STAR Market's English Website

06 Nov 2019

Recently, the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) has opened a column of company snapshot on the SSE STAR Market’s English website, in a bid to help international investors to understand the companies on the market and further propel foreign funds to involve in the market.

The column includes four parts: Company Overview, Brief Introduction, Financials and Top 10 Shareholders. The main contents and data come from the periodical reports disclosed by the listed companies on the SSE STAR Market. The investors can log onto the SSE STAR Market’s English website (, click the column of snapshot, and check the basic information about the companies according to their stock codes. Besides, the above website releases latest news, special mechanisms, rules and regulations, information disclosure matters and market data for the investors.

The introduction of the column of company snapshot is another step made by the SSE to solicit foreign capital for the SSE STAR Market. Next, the SSE will continuously serve the international investors and further attract foreign funds to the market.